Shapemodel 3D Rendering

I rendered this full rotation of my shape model:

Mono version:

Anaglyph version:

3DTV version:

One where I marked the landing areas. The Primary landingsite, J, in blue and the backup, C, in red:


I’m preparing a digital release for planetariums and Celestia and things like that. Stay tuned.

Shapemodel progress

Spaceflight Now feature a couple of images of the side of the comet that we have seen very little of.

One of the photos shows a monitor screen displaying this rare gem:

I combined the tv screen photo with an earlier cropped OSIRIS release

a bit of alignment and color balancing led to this “new” OSIRIS shot:

Armed with this new shot I had enough to coax out some stereo coverage of the region and add to the side of my Shapemodel.

I will put the new mesh online in a couple of days. It needs a little more work.

October 8: Rising over the edge

Synthetic Anaglyph view of 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko October 8: Rising over the edge

I draped the navcam images from October 8 onto my digital shapemodel and rendered this movie.

I just finished updating my digital terrainmodel to include the “belly” of the comet.
This latest NavCam set was an excellent way of testing its fidelity.