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Kapton Wrapping

I have started doing some tests with the kapton foil on the descent stage.

What seems to work the best for me is to cut a piece of kapton slightly too big. Then I shape wrinkles by warping the foil and putting kapton tape on the inside of the foil to keep the wrinkles in place. Then I use a combination of contact-glue, CA-glue and kapton tape to attach it to the lander. Seems to be working reasonably well so far…

Explosive Bolts

Since I have no miniature reusable explosive bolts I figured I had to come up with something different for the ascent stage attachment points. After some thinking i decided to build a simple rotating lock. Problem is that there are four attachment points. so Im starting to build a mechanism that make them rotate in unison. I will probably let this mechanism be controlled from within the MESA compartment. pull one string to lock and another to release.

Primary strut coatings

To get the slightly inflated look of the primary strut I first glued some wrinkled strings of  aluminum foil to it to give it a curvy outline.  Then I wrapped aluminum foil over that. The lower part of the leg is wrapped with yellow  1/2 mil Aluminized Kapton.

For the real LM5 it seems they where out of Aluminized 5 mil Kapton for the coating of the inside of the leg and used some kind dull metal foil covered with clear 5mil kapton as substitute.

I have no clear 5 mil kapton So I had to substitute the substitute with five layers of 1 mil Kapton Tape. For the dull metal foil I scoured  the house for a source and ended up finding it on the inside of a metalized bag that contained “spongebob squarepants fantastic inflatable air guitar”. It came with a spongebob squarepants comic magazine.  :)

I’m really happy with how the Pad is connected to the primary strut. I managed to get the balljoint to work.

The ball of the strut fits exactly into a tube of styrene. I noticed earlier that the styrene shrink when exposed to heat. I took the tube and carefully heated the end of it over a candle. That was enough to make it shrink and taper inward  just enough for it to let the ball pass by if i used some pressure but still enough to hold it in place. Yay, posable Pads!