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Here are a sneak preview of some other parts that I made but did not have time to blog about. I will post more about these later.



Resuming Operations!

I has been a long time since I had time to work on the LM but finally I’m back on the ole horse!

Last time iI posted I had just started adding panels to the ascent module. It is a very timeconsuming and somewhat repetitive task of cutting the panels to size, adding details and making the thin frame around each panel.

I use a small nail to create rivets on the panels by carefully pressing it against the backside of each panel making small dimples that protrude on the front. for the frame around the panels i use a aluminum takeaway boxes that i cut strips out of and detail by carefully cutting all these little nobs and shapes. It takes forever, on a good evening i might get two or three panels done.

I have a lot of pictures showing the progress but I’m lo lazy to put them up today so for now you will have to do with these:


Ascent Stage Panels

To make the chromic acid anodized panels for the ascent stage I went through a bit of experimenting. First I tried painting aluminum foil with humbrol paints but I could not get it to the color I wanted and I had a bit of trouble making the paint uniform over the surface. Then I had a print shop print me papers with the right colors. Looked almost right. But there was this very fine raster in the prints and also the prints where lacking a bit of the gloss I wanted. Then I tested printing on photo paper with my inkjet. Perfect glossiness but still the raster. So finally I had a professional photo lab print the colors onto real photo paper using a Durst Lambda printer. Good enough I think.

(I had entertained the idea of actually having someone anodize some aluminum 5056 foil for me but I just have a feeling that it would be a little too expensive so photo paper will do.)

For The panel edges I found some adhesive aluminum film that Is apparently used to make decals for rc cars and aeroplanes. It is very easy to cut and apply to the photo paper.

Did the back of the ascent stage, think it came out ok.

LM pads 2,3,4

First out was the Pads. one word: Gluefest

Resuming Operations

The lander have been pushed far down on the priorities list lately but now im in the summer house and LM got to go with me. (and all the tools and trinkets that goes with it)


Project Overview

Just a few pictures showing the overall progress of  LM5

+Y LM SLA umbilical connector

Today I started working on the SLA LM umbilical connector on the +y outrigger. (desperately trying to catch up with Vincent)  The connectors are made out of aluminum foil wrapped around a metal rod. Looks OK from a distance… have made the blackwrap coat for it but not added it to the model yet. keep posted.


Progress Fail

Today was just one of those days…

I was drilling a hole in a secondary strut when the drill broke and got stuck in the hole. Undeterred I continued on another strut and the same thing happended. there was no way to recover the piece of the drill stuck in the hole so I had to scrap both struts and cast a new pair. a good hour and a half wasted. I should have called it a day but no…

Instead I went ahead to build footpad #2. But first I managed to have a small tube of CA glue completly puke all over my hand. So that was another hour of trying to recondition my hand… I had to use sandpaper and the exacto knife to remove the glue…   …Great fun…

No pictures this time…

Outrigger Truss Assembly Coating

 The lower outrigger trusses on Eagle where covered with 2-mil VDAL kapton with a layer of Clear 5-mil Kapton. I do not have any clear 5-mil Kapton (exept for a small reference piece that Vincent so gratiously sent me) So I have to cheat a little. I covered the trusses in 1/2 mil kapton (because it crimples better) and then i used a combination of some colored theater lighting film and kapton tape to get the desired color of the struts.

The upper trusses have a primary coating of 1/2-mil VDAL kapton and then three cuffs made out of pyromark painted inconel foil wrapped over that. I used some of my 1/2 mil VDAL kapton and some blackwrap for the cuffs.

The left strut only has its initial 1/2 mil kapton layer applied so far.  hoping to get that fixed tonight.

I have made a bit of a blueprint for the blackwrap bits but this time it was not done on the computer. …the old pen and paper… will scan and put it with the others.

Top surfaces complete

Added the last blackwrap on quadrant 2. I also added the Beta-cloth around the ascent stage attachment points. As Beta-Cloth I used the completely faded care instructions from an old over-washed pair of boxers because that was the only white synthetic fabric I could find around the house. :)

Could not resist taking a few pictures with the one finished leg attached.

Outrigger strut assembly coating is the next step.
If anyone have good references of the outrigger ventilation flange thingy on the top struts I would be grateful if I could have a look!

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