My Space mostly about Space.

In the daytime I work as 3D Technical Director for a small Digital Post Production boutique called Syndicate entertainment AB that I am also a partowner of.

The things on this blog is all done on and off in my sparetime.

If you need to contact me for whatever reason please try mailing me: mattias A malmer.nu

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  1. Thank you Paul!

    I have come this far only by standing on the shoulder of gigants. Your contribution to the Apollo legacy is far more significant.

    I’m trying to live up to the standard that Vincent has set with his project. Started with the descent stage because it seemed to be a little easier. I need all the training I can get because that ascent stage sure is something to beat.


  2. What you’re doing looks great. I have a friend who is a master model builder (mostly wood). He has built ships and aircraft that are now displayed in various museums. He would like to make a LM from scratch but hasn’t found plans or blueprints. Any ideas where he could start or how he could start this project? Thanks for any ideas.

  3. Eric

    there are a lot of nice references and stuff on vincent meens’s site. I mostly use them to build from. i then use nasas archives to get the finish right. there are also lots of different people with sites with great images. I use google images a lot to find references.

    I have posted a couple of “flattened” blueprints that I have made on this site. They are useful if you are going to create a model out of styrene or paper or something like that.

    I should probably assemble a link list or something…


  4. We have seen an image of yours of the planet Venus that we would be interested in publishing in a Space book. Please could you contact me about possible usage.

    Kind regards,


  5. Vincent,
    I am very interested about building the Apollo 11 Lunar Module 5 Eagle. Your have placed the 3D photographs and blueprints. But I dont see any dimensions you used.

  6. There are no written dimensions on the blueprints. But if you print them they are to scale 1:24

    Same goes with the 3d models


  7. Mattias
    Thank you very much for your response. I have Vincent’s blueprints and they are very incredible accurate and even enough to build a real Lunar Module that will fly to the moon. 🙂 Vincent has told that he took John Ortmann as reference for his model. Vincent has even built the inside of the Lunar Module, even the small switches, the sextant inside 🙂 It is just amazing how he managed to build that kind of small parts 🙂
    Vincent’s model and your model of the Lunar Module LM-5 are the best I could find. They are very accurate to the original Lunar Module that landed the first astronauts on the moon in 1969. Vincent says that he built the Lunar Module in 4,5 years. Did you need so much time too? What I wonder is that how you managed to build the minor and small detailed parts. The ascent stage you built from kind of plastic? But as said, you and Vincent are the best references to build a real accurate Lunar Module model. You no where can buy such an accurate model. My E-Mail Address is: ayhan.baseren@hotmail.com

  8. So, based upon Vincent and your blueprints I am going to build the same Lunar Module model 🙂

  9. It takes a lot of time to get everything done right. I have had a lot of other more real projects on my hands latley so the lm lies dormant.
    Im trying to get my house in order before we move in.

    Good luck with your lm. It is a lot of fun studying the real one and coming up with ways of constructing it in a small scale.

  10. What is your policy regarding other people using your images on their web sites. I am thinking in particular of the Philae lander on the surface of comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko which is excellent as it shows a very rocky surface

  11. hey can I print out one of your images for personal use?? the picture is a saturn one, and I want to make a poster out of it and display it on my living room!

  12. If you can, please answer ASAP I would love to be able to print it before new year’s eve 🙂

  13. Good night Mattias;

    First let me congratulate you for such a brilliant job, I loved your art and detailed model.
    And also I have built a genuine and give the Descent Stage realism, but I need to use kaptop is almost impossible to achieve. Only I find wholesale from China.
    I wonder if you could tell me where to get the three colors of kapton you used your in your model, it’s the only thing left for me to finish.
    Thank you very much in advance, I eagerly await your response.

  14. I got a small sample set from a person that works for a company that services the space industry. Kapton is extremely expensive so I’m very grateful for that.

    The brownish kapton is so thick and stiff that it is extremely hard to shape so that it drapes naturally. In hindsight I think that I should have found some alternative. The thinner amber and yellow types are more malleable but the amber is also a bit on the stiff side.

    I will take well lit pictures of the different foils so that you can find good alternatives.

  15. Hi Mattias,
    I saw a video clip of your Venera VR experience.
    It’s very cool.
    Would you mind providing a download link for me to try it out on my HTC-Vive?

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