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  1. Hi Mattias,
    Looking for a 67p comet for printing it into a 3d model, I found your site. Man, I’m really excited to see your work. Full of emotion! This view of the comet is so real that it is like being there, flying over those amazing valleys.
    I will start following you and your work!

    Taking advantage of the message, I would like to ask you if the empty zone of your .stl 67p model you share looks like that because of the lack of cartography information.

    Thank you a lot and, again, really incredible work!!

  2. Hi Mattias,
    I saw a video clip of your Venera VR experience.
    It’s very cool.
    Would you mind providing a download link for me to try it out on my HTC-Vive?

  3. Wow, MOREVR seems like such an exciting project! Virtual reality has the potential to revolutionize the way we experience and interact with digital content. I’m curious to know more about your specific goals and vision for MOREVR. Are you focusing on creating immersive virtual environments, developing interactive VR applications, or exploring new techniques for storytelling in VR? It would be great to hear more about your thoughts and insights on this fascinating topic.

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