360 spins for Joel Parker

I am very happy to show these 360 spins of 67P that I created for Dr. Joel Parker (PI of the ALICE instrument on Rosetta).  He used them in his Lecture: “Catching a Comet with the Rosetta Spacecraft“. It was held at the Fiske Planetarium in Boulder Colorado. I wish I could have been there to see it.

I made four versions. Two with cg dust added for illustration and two without.

The new model and its high resolution textures will be made available later on.





5 thoughts on “360 spins for Joel Parker”

  1. Hi! I love the stuff you’re doing with 67P, and would love to see these spins, but neither of the links seem to go anywhere where they are available to view. At least that I can find.

    Can you provide a link to them?


  2. That is really strange! For me they show up clear as day… You can find them on youtube. Search for 3dmalmer and all manner of 67p action should come your way.

  3. these are beautiful! great place to phogtoraph, your photos are lovely and vibrant. I’m sure they are stoked with these! ( i love the little black and white one of them walking away. cute!)

  4. My photo really did noi justice to the full range of colours we have, and of course the endless possibilities to mix. It’s coming….all part of the process…and I thank you, C, for your support and encouragement from afar!

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