10 thoughts on “Shapemodel Update!”

  1. Hi Mattias. Thanks for this fantastic work !
    I’m learning Unity3D and I imported your mesh with success; I’d like to develop a Chury 67P viewer with many options (craters, regions, anaglyph etc.)…
    Few questions :
    – do you plan to upload textures and UV maps on your site ?
    – can we reuse your mesh in apps or public site under creative commons licences or else ?
    Thanks a lot

  2. I will upload textures and stuff later on. still working on them…
    You can use it for your projects. That is the point with the model. I want it to be used to further peoples interest in space exploration.

  3. Hi Mattias,
    great work, your shape models are a big improvement over the initial ESA one! We are preparing an article about the gravity around 67/P. We would love to use a lowres model based on your work. Are you ok with this? Of course we will credit your work. Thanks, Tobias

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