Navcam November 17

Navcam images registered on my shapemodel. I am very happy with how well the model matches. There are very few alignment errors.



3DTV (side by side)

Image credits: ESA/Rosetta/NAVCAM

Image processing/shapemodel: Mattias Malmer




2 thoughts on “Navcam November 17”

  1. Groan. I will have to take this as confirmation that we need a llitte kids’ schedule here. You are right. They need to be told what to do next, and they don’t know when they are finished. And Mom lets them get away with lots of minimal-effort days. I have known for years that a schedule is a need here. It’s totally contrary to my make-up, which is probably all the more reason why we need one. Submission.My daughter, HSB/alizona is doing NaNo, too, for the first time. Are your kids bloggers? Do they know each other?Thanks for stopping by my blog! As I told Tia, this diamond wasn’t exactly ready to be unearthed yet, but it’s a nice honor. )

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