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  1. Mattias: Could you try this? In http://blogs.esa.int/rosetta/files/2014/11/ESA_Rosetta_NAVCAM_141126_C.jpg coming down from the head there is a ridge whose shadow can be seen falling below. One of the down-coming shoulders of this ridge has a U-shaped depression. Does this U-shaped depression matches the one in your image above, notice that the cavity of the depression extends quite further down the slope. But this is hinted at in your image as well. If it matches, Philae is in the shadow of the ridge, possibly on the ledge somewhere behind the bright white spot. (This is related to some discussion with Robin Sherman on his Flickr page.)


  2. Mattias: no, what I suggested is wrong, there are several levels of ledges between the big crater and the neck.


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