4 thoughts on “Early Shapemodel Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko”

  1. It is a rather involved process… I reconstruct spacecraft position and orientation in a image modeling software. Then i use another software to do stereo correlation given the derived basline between two cameras. Then i take the resulting stereo data and lowpass filter it to remove the noice. But then i also loose the highfrequency detail. So i use a Shape from shading algorithm to build highfrequency data. Highpass filter that so that i do not get band overlaps. Add it to the stereo data. That way I can get very clean highresolution depth buffers.

    These buffers are then combined to a solid mesh.

    For the areas where i do not have stereo coverage i resort to another shape recovery technique calked spacecarving.

    All of this is done in various software and homebrewn code.

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