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  1. Nice to see you back at this project, Mattias! Haven’t started my Challenger model yet. I am still looking for a source where I can get the red(dish) and gold kapton blankets from.

  2. The dark red kapton is red because it is thick. It is actually quite hard to shape the way you want. In hindsight I would have used kapton for the medium red and yellow parts ant hen found something to replace the thick dark red stuff.

    If you send me your adress I can send you a small sample so that you can find a matching material.

  3. Mattias, thanks for the info, I did not know that the red kapton foil is the same as the gold foil, only thicker.
    Wow, I would love to have small samples! 🙂 Can I forward my address to you by email? I searched yours, but did not find it here on your blog?@Mattias

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