The Ladder

The ladder was a lot of work to get done.

the ladder rungs are made out of pianowire that i have tapered in both ends. That would have been easy if i had a lathe machine. but i don’t so it was not…

After a bit of trial and a lot of error I had worked out similar but more ad hoc technique; I put the pianowire in the chuck of a drillingmachine and let it spin on a relatively low speed. Then I used my dremel to grind away material until I had a nice shape. it was really tricky to get all 9 rungs looking the same. To add insult to injury i also managed to drop one finished one between the boards of the deck of the house. lost in the sand…

The ladder legs where also really hard to do.

I did not have any metal lists of the dimensions needed so i had to fabricate them from scratch. I found some nice springy metal and cut strips from it using the dremel again. took ages because the metal was so hard. I then cut the two legs to length and bent and polished them. Only then did I notice that it was completely impossible to drill trough with my 0.5 mm drill bits. I destroyed two before giving up without even scratching the surface. so i had to find a softer metal and start over. Not fun.

I then built a styrene  support structure for the ladder to hold everything in place while gluing it together with epoxy.

Its a good thing that there is only one ladder 🙂

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