2 thoughts on “Resuming Operations”

  1. Matthias,
    Did you already finished the construction of Apollo 11 Lunar Module 5 Eagle ? 🙂 I just discovered your website so I took all the time to study it through. I couldn’t see the finished photographs of the ascent stage of the lunar module. Anyway, alI the materials that you are using and all the details like original colours of the spacecraft are very close to the original. I will be very pleased, if you can E-Mail me some reference material like blueprints as I am also interested to build the lunar module. My E-Mail: ayhan.baseren@hotmail.com
    Mant thanks in advance. Ayhan

  2. Have had very little time for the lunar lander lately. And even less time to blog about it. There has been progress but i have not had time to deal with posting pictures and stuff. And now im moving to a house that REALLY needs work so I most certainly will have to postpone any lunar landing activities.

    If you need references i would say that google is your friend. Just google like crazy and ypu will surely find pictures of most parts of the lander. And learn a lot by reading all the sites you end up on. Its always good to know what something is used for when modeling it. That way you know what details are important.

    Blueprints, use Vincent’s stuff. Its great!

    Good luck with your build!


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