Progress Fail

Today was just one of those days…

I was drilling a hole in a secondary strut when the drill broke and got stuck in the hole. Undeterred I continued on another strut and the same thing happended. there was no way to recover the piece of the drill stuck in the hole so I had to scrap both struts and cast a new pair. a good hour and a half wasted. I should have called it a day but no…

Instead I went ahead to build footpad #2. But first I managed to have a small tube of CA glue completly puke all over my hand. So that was another hour of trying to recondition my hand… I had to use sandpaper and the exacto knife to remove the glue…   …Great fun…

No pictures this time…

One thought on “Progress Fail”

  1. LOL! Oh…
    No fun scraping the super glued hand! Now you probably know, keep acetone handy, dissolves it.
    I know this was a long time ago but I do enjoy poking around your site! Did you ever finish the lunar module? Know you are so busy with 67 P!
    Love your work. On my Mattias Wish List:
    Get with A. Cooper and create an animation of the head unzipping, sliding, hinging, tilting, stretching and slightly rotating to its present position.
    You know… In your spare time Mattias!
    Thanks for all you do, fascinating!
    Toymaker /Prototyper Rambo Benson (Ramcomet)
    Former VP Product Development, Trendmasters
    (Prolific toy company in late Nineties)
    And Cepia LLC (Created Zhu Zhu Pets, toy phenom 2008-9)

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